Please, keep our cities clean

By Andrew Massawe

So I have been thinking about that space; that space between buildings and the road…. that space so many property owners seem to neglect to upkeep; that place that has got you asking why is Dar es Salaam so dirty…. if we all took ownership to maintain (via guidelines) the landscaping and urban planning (with municipal support) around that space in our own area of ownership or occupancy all across DAR imagine how quickly DAR can turn into a clean and presentable city…. but of course this is DAR and so therefore no one heeds callings and concerns; we only heed rules and regulations…. so what if municipalities where to work with UCLAS and and other organs to draft rules/regulations/bills for maintenance and upkeep of that space with accountability primarily on the owner/occupier of the property ….. I mean look at the area outside NMB, Viva Towers, Barclays House, Amani place, Serena, etc….. you pass outside and you can be mistaken for forgetting you are in TZ and think uko J’burg…. people don’t even litter as much in those areas and their is ample litter bins provided…. sehemu nzuri ikitunzwa inajitunza…. It is benefitial for the owner/occupier as clean planned areas do not only attract more business but better rent……Our RC’s calling to change us to be clean may yield little progress if the landowners or occupiers seem to also neglect that area…. lets make it enforceable…. Municipalities/Government should be enforcers and not responsible for all this developments; …. From one Coo Coo DaresSalamian…..




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